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Road Service
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Last Updated 03/21/2008

Ever wondered if your road service was worth the money you spent on it? We have had Camping World's road service since 2002, and never used it. $89.00 a year down the drain, you think. Not so fast. Could you find one of these trailers on your own in a strange state? I didn't even know they existed. I also had no way of finding a suitable RV service center which could fix the trailer .


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We were on SR 105 in Washington, going south from Grayland, then east toward Raymond. We got about halfway between the Grayland and Raymond. The bearings on one wheel of the trailer started smoking. Don pulled over to see what he could do. No good.

The road service people made 40 calls to find this rig, which came all the way from Longview, WA. They found and made arrangements for us to go to Bob's RV in Cosmopolis, WA, which was north of us on US 101, just south of Aberdeen. Bob's was closed when we arrived, but we had permission to sleep in the parking lot. All arranged by the road service reps. The tow guy, whose name I have forgotten, drove back around the coast route, which was flat and had no traffic. He was very careful with our trailer.  I have no idea which way he came and went from Longview, but that's one long trip for him.