This page was not finished in a timely manner following the campouts. I have since forgotten the
names of some people. I was never satisfied with the initial or manipulated copies of the dark
pictures. I have released it for publication at this late date at Deano's request. Mary M, 10/18/2004
LaPine State Park, Oregon
May 2003
MVC-337Xb.jpg (194419 bytes)
Back: BD, Linda, Alan, Rick's friend, Chris, Rick,
Andy, Irina
Mid: Don, Cecil, Mike, Rick's friend's wife
Frnt: Mary, Carol
This photo never happened. I took Don out of
another picture and stuck him in this one. He took
the picture.
MVC-329X.JPG (135694 bytes)
Irina, Andy S., Two friends of Rick's,
Rick J, Chris J.
MVC-330X.JPG (133716 bytes)
Carol, Linda, and Mary chatting.
MVC-331X.JPG (123476 bytes)
Good shot of the nice meeting hall at the
MVC-332X.JPG (136147 bytes)
MVC-333X.JPG (174926 bytes)
Some nice guys drinking coffee.
MVC-334X.JPG (104119 bytes)
MVC-335X.JPG (109186 bytes)
MVC-337X.JPG (105721 bytes)
Dark group pic.
MVC-337Xa.JPG (170937 bytes)
Manipulation done by amateur.
Notice Don doesn't appear here.
MVC-338X.JPG (101995 bytes)
Second dark picture.
MVC-338Xa.JPG (180980 bytes)
Here's where I got Don.
Lake Easton State Park,
MVC-343X.JPG (127564 bytes)
Potluck at Lake Easton. It was pretty
nice, considering it was raining.
MVC-344X.JPG (166109 bytes)
Great guys, great food.
MVC-345X.JPG (133330 bytes)
Plenty of shelter