Sac Heritage Fest 02
80 acts,  8
stages, 2 days
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Some of Don's
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Ice trucks, food vendors (all power
hogs). Vendors of trendy, hip gear.
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Tower Records Main Stage  
Rented generator in 3rd shot
on the far left side of pic.
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A view from Don's lawn chair at the MGD Blues Stage, you can see
the beer booth on the hill in the background. Our Honda 3000M
generator powered that for two days. There was a TV up there on
Sunday for the rabid Kings Fans. Also to the far left you can see the
awning of the sound board for the Tower Records Main stage.
View of the Blues Stage
from behind. Our teal
lawnchairs are under the
tree at the left side. We
don't seem to be there.
Rick Estrin of
Little Charlie
and the
Tie-dye Tommy,
local Blues patron.
Sherie and Randy,
longtime Blues
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In this second shot from
Don's chair, you can see the
generator which ran the Blues
stage and the two stages up
the hill.You can also see the
RV the sound crew for those
stages rented.
The 98Rock
KRXQ media
bus/RV at the
site of the
rock stage and
Stage X, for
turntable DJs.
The only two
stages which
had to
alternate acts.
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The Gospel
tent and a
shot. Jazz
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The tent housing Cafe Sacramento, a coffee house venue.  Some guy working
hard serving the people. He's wearing the purple volunteer T-shirt. The blond
lady in the background has the nifty blue T-shirt that the staff received. Don
has one, says STAFF on the sleeve. Should say Power Guy somewhere.