February 2002
Feb 14 - Mar 4, 2002
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Salton Sea
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1994 Sandpiper by
Cobra, a poor little (32')
orphan, forsaken by it's
manufacturer. Cared for
lovingly by Don and
Mary Murray. Dragged
around the country by
our silver 2000 Ford
F350 PSD. Camped in
the En Route spots for 2
nights at Salton Sea SP.
That's Annie under the
picnic table.
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Quartzsite, BLM
14 day
campground, South
of I-10 and west of
the town limits. We
stayed one night on
the way to Apache
Junction. In the
background are our
nearest neighbors at
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Sunset from the trailer roof at
the Apache Junction, AZ KOA
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View of Burro
campground from
escarpment west
of the creek.
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