GE ballast for 175 watt H39/H22 Mercury lamp. We call these IL (independent lighting) transformers.
This one was used in a 6.6 amp arc circuit (series street light circuit). It's rated for up to 10500V.
Same as above
The big can on the pole is an RO (regulated output) transformer. The small can above it is an oil switch. The disconnect to the right,
feeding the oil switch, is open and tagged. This is no longer in use. The primary of this RO is 12000V. It's in our 20.8KV system,
phase to ground or star. This RO puts out a constant 6.6amps and the voltage varies by the number of lights on the series circuit. It
did this with a movable core and a counter balance. If the arc circuit is opened up the voltage goes to the maximum which could be
just over 5000 volts on this one.
Same as above
Same as above
6.6 amp lamp from arc circuit
If this light burns out, a
wafer between those two
prongs, that insulates during
normal operation, will burn
through when the RO goes
to maximum voltage, closing
the arc circuit back in. These
wafers were referred to as
onion skins.
Delta Delta 120/240V
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Wye Delta 120/240V
MVC-242X.JPG (158215 bytes)
Open-Wye Open-Delta 120/240V
Delta Wye 120/208V
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Wye Wye 120/208V
MVC-247X.JPG (145664 bytes)
Delta Wye 277/480V

Wye Wye 277/480V
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Scott 3 wire
MVC-240X.JPG (177082 bytes)
Scott 4 wire
MVC-241X.JPG (145708 bytes)
Scott 5 wire