Dillon Beach 11/01
Camping on the Dunes at Lawson's Landing
November 26, 2001
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This is our campsite
as seen from the
dunes. The
campground was
practically empty the
week after Turkey
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The village of Dillon Beach. The
crowded grouping at the bottom
of the hill is the older cabins. The
hillside is covered with newer
houses. The campground has a
few campers left and most are
packing up to leave.
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This is the view of
Tomales Point from
the dunes. That's
Annie with her
tongue hanging out.
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Here is another look at
camp. You can see the
motor homes hooking
up their "toads" and
heading out.
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Zoomed look at the other
encampments.You are
essentially camping in a cow
pasture complete with cows.  
One of them knocked our
license plate off the trailer. All
these camps were cleared out
by the next day.
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Wet feet
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Tomales Bay
from Sand
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